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ZOZEN seized the opportunity of the Belt and Road policy and expanded market in Indonesia

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Indonesia is an important base of the global strategy and an important market for Chinese manufacturing industry. As an international boiler supplier, ZOZEN reached a long-term cooperation agreement with PT.Sari Incofood Corporation and many other well-known enterprises in Indonesia, which has strengthened economic and trade cooperation between China and Indonesia and pushed forward the construction of One Belt And One Road.

Indonesian coffee has enjoyed a good reputation in the market for a long time with its intense and unique taste with low acidity. PT.Sari Incofood Corporation is a leading exporter of instant coffee drink in Indonesia. The boiler provides steam for the production process of baking and drying; a high-performance water tube boiler plays an important role to guarantee the high-quality coffee powder.

To increase the core competitiveness, PT.Sari Incofood Corporation planned to renew old machines and equipments and expand capacity. When choosing the cost-effective boilers, they turned their eyes to the international stage, and were deeply impressed by ZOZEN with its advanced manufacturing technology and excellent products.

After the deep exchanges and field investigations on the previous boilers in PT.Sari Incofood Corporation, the engineers from ZOZEN found that the unburnt residual fuel often left on one side of air vent in the furnace, leading to the high carbon content in slag; while the air volume of the other side is larger, resulting in the brunt out of the side seal block. All of the above caused fuel consuming increase, insufficient output and financial loss.

Considering the above problems, ZOZEN recommended the SZL series water tube boiler for PT.Sari Incofood Corporation. ZOZEN engineer set up different numbers of separate wind barns according to the different capacities of boilers, so that the air distribution can be adjusted on each combustion phase to ensure the full combustion of fuel; the boiler operation cost can be reduced effectively.

Except for the water level safety device required by international standards, ZOZEN also installed interlock protection of extreme low water level, electrode interlock of FD fan and ID fan to ensure the water security during boiler operation. PT.Sari Incofood Corporation spoke highly of ZOZEN products and technology, and ordered one set of ZOZEN SZL series water tube boiler.

ZOZEN seized the opportunity of the Belt and Road policy and expanded market in Indonesia

ZOZEN has been intensely aware that the Belt and Road policy is an important opportunity for win-win cooperation; ZOZEN seized the opportunity tightly and expanded market in Indonesia. ZOZEN has established a long-term cooperative relationship with many leading enterprises in Indonesia besides PT.Sari Incofood Corporation, for example, PT.Lonthar Papyrus, PT.ZUG INDUSTRY INDONESIA, PT.Industri Karet Deli, etc.

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